3 Forums You Definitely Need To be Active On

September 26, 2008

Either you`re a webmaster, blogger or just curious to know more of the internet`s behinds you definitely need to sign up on 3 large forums. Now I am not saying this because I am a member of these forums but simply because it`ll help you a lot grow your blog, your business and not only. I am a member of Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forums and also taking part in the Hubpages community for nearly a year or so and they definitely changed it all.

What are the real benefits of being a member of these forums?

Digital Point Forums – I would be amazed to hear that one single webmaster on the whole world wide web has not heard about DPF. I hate saying this but it`s a must, there are thousands of people that don`t have an idea of how to build a website, how to promote it or how to really profit from it, and I am saying this because I was in the same situation about 2 years ago. DPF has well over 100,000 users already registered and it`s also a revenue sharing forum, that means they share revenue from adverstisers with the active users, that open threads and post in the forums. The main advertiser on DP is Google, so you`ll need to registed an Adsense account to benefit from the revenues. I am not on DP for the revenue but I am earning quite a bit while entertaining myself the forums everyday. As every other forum DP lets it`s users use signatures in their posts, which is great if yiu own any websites, it can drive massive traffic just from placing those links under each of your post replies. Digital point also has a market place, where you can sell your stuff, either it`s an e-book, a site, a blog or whatever there are potential customers waiting to see your product.

warrior Forum. I am a member of Warrior Forum for 6 months already, the main discussions on Warrior rely on Internet Marketing and Web Promotion. This is not a revenue sharing forum, but it has the highest traffic among all forums. Nearly 1200 visitors are surfing the forums at any minute of the day. Either you want to gain more knowledge , exchange knowledge, do business or whatever i highly recommend joining warrior. Before you get started you might want to take a look at the main topics on this forum.

Main Discussion Forum
Where We Talk About Making Money

Warrior Special Offers Forum
This section is for making Warrior members a Special Offer. A Special Offer means making Warriors a deal like no others get. Usually that comes in the form of a much lower price. No junk offers will be approved here.

Warrior Forum Classified Ads
Buy a marketing course a member wants to sell. Rent a flat in Italy from a fellow Warrior. Find out who has the biggest and baddest bonus packages and much more. This section is for all offers that don’t fit in the WSO forum.

Ad Networks – CPA, CPM, CPL – Millionaire Makers..
This section is for the discussion of Ad Networks. Cost Per Action. Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Cost Per Lead.

– Mind Warriors – Success, Power, Self-Improvement
This forum is dedicated to discussion on all topics related to self-improvement. This most certainly fits into a money-making forum because power, energy and creativity translates into being able to make more money.

The Copywriting Forum
This section is for the discussion of Copywriting – the most vital skill you can learn. Arm yourself with the power to move people with words and you’ll need little else to make money any time and anywhere you choose.

Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
This section is for discussion about Adsense and Adword strategies, techniques, ideas…etc. Please keep all posts on topic and we’ll see how this goes.

Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings
This section is for members to give intelligent reviews of products and services.

Hubpages is a bit different, this is the place where hundreds of hubbers, passionate about writing share their knwoledge and skills. I am a proud member of Hubpages for several months now. Hubpages offers the easies web based platform for publishing. You can even earn on-going rolyalties by writing and publishing about things you love. I am already earning quite a bit from my writing but that is not the reason I go on Hubpages at least once every two days. You can share your personal interests, hobbies, thoughts and anything you might like on Hubpage`s Forums. You can sign up here and hope to see you on the forums.


Shoemoney fails The MarketLeverage Cashinator Challenge

September 25, 2008

Competing against John Chow..

Guess who is the winner ?

Congrats Tyler Cruz for winning!

Got Banned from Digg

September 22, 2008

This morning when I tried to go to Digg.com, I`ve noticed some problems, I couldn`t log in. There was no reason what so ever I should have got banned from Digg. I wasn`t using scripts, not even bots, but as far as I know they have banned hundreds if not thousands of accounts in the past 2 months. Now wonder the traffic is rapidly deceasing. Take a look at this graph from alexa.

I wonder what Mr. Kevin feels.