My Adsense Earnings

September 24, 2008

It has been quite a tough period for me for the past 12 months, but the rewards are stating to show up. Just wanted to share my adsense earnings over the last month, which have improved with nearly 500% from the same period last year. I am running several blogs and sites, publishing content for diferent sites and online publications. Most of my earnings are from my blogs, Hubpages, EHowTo and Squidoo.

When I started serving google ads I wasn`t earning more than a few cents a day. Now I realize I am averaging 40 – 70 $ a day, which also seem to improve day by day. With quite a bit of keyword research you could maximixe your earnings over night, this is the way Google Works, and we have to keep the pace up, there is notihng much else to do, nor even gaming the system, those are just stories.
This is a screen shot of my Adsense earning for Today, as you can see I`ve earned $70 and $ 2080.69 across the whole month which is actually ending soon. My average for this month is  $86 a day.

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