Hey. I`m Alex , the one responsible for all the content that is being published on this blog. Apart from managing several blogs, I’m also a freelancer. I write articles for several blogs and sites, offer SEO services, this is what keeps me busy much of the time.

As you notice this is not a self hosted blog, the main reason for choosing a free blogging platform is because I have had several problems with my old hosting service, I have been hacked several times, lost quite a part of my work (about 140 articles) and 3 months work. So I have decided to choose WordPress free hosting, just for this blog alone, for security reasons. Anyways it can always be transfered to a self hosted service, but just not now.

About this blog

Lots and lots of people struggle to death to make some money online. When I began to be more active online, I though that earning a little extra money won`t harm anyone, actually it would be better than just surfing around the net, chatting and all that stuff. Actually there are several hundreds of ways to generate money online.This is not a make money online blog (MMO) as I hate to call it this way, and I find most of them pretty annoying. In my opinion in order to make money online, everyone should learn which are the main tools to succeed. I know most people don`t have the minimum knowledge, you can always check out my blog and find out more about blogging in general, ways to generate traffic (which actually means money) and how to drive traffic and succeed being active in the social networks.

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